Doing Things That Make You Feel Alive

What is it about danger that excites and delights?

For most people, the fact of the matter is that climbing Everest is not considered a real option, despite the fact that its possibly one of the most incredible accomplishments accessible to a person of average ability. Why is that? Aside from the time and money, its the danger involved. Even the slight risk of death makes most things off the table for the average person. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Cheap Entertainment?

What’s wrong with cheap entertainment? When it comes to the web, we certainly have an abundance of it. Whether I’m browsing PerezHilton for the latest celebrity juice, or I’m checking out the front page of CNN for the latest “news” items (becoming more and more fear mongering and weird news stories), or reading random blogs, is this cheap entertainemt? If it is, is that a representative of a problem facing the latest generation who have been raised with the internet and the shortening attention spans that allegedly accompany it?

I will also admit that I have a huge weak spot for lists. Lists about anything: The expensive, the absurb, the historical, even the stupid. While academics and deeper thinkers may look at this content and dismiss it as shallow, easily digestible content that simply lowers the value of the collective IQ, I treat it as legitimate entertainment. Some of the interesting posts I’ve come across recently include lists of weird first names, lists of the richest teenagers in the world, a list of the most expensive thing in the world, and even a list of the most obscure sports.

As the above list indicates, many of these random bits of information will not ever help me in any way in life, but the entertainment value is undeniable. If you’re telling me that a list of the 10 most dangerous snakes in the world is any less valid than watching a random nature documentary clip on TV back in the day, I would have to disagree.