Preparing For A Trip To The Serengeti

Serengeti vacation trip

Photo by David Blackwell / CC BY 

Taking a vacation to the Serengeti is one of the most memorable trips a person can take in their lifetime. The Serengeti which is located in Africa is home to the largest migration of mammals in the world and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. The area contains many game preserves where visitors can take a safari to view the diverse species of mammals as well as the over 500 species of birds that call the Serengeti home.

Being well prepared for your trip goes a long way towards making it an enjoyable one. Start a checklist with all of the necessary travel paperwork and things to pack listed that can be checked off as you go. Besides the usual travel requirements of a visa a visit to the Serengeti will also require vaccinations and proof of them. Language and money is also a consideration, and although the language of Tanzania is Swahili the English language is used as well. Tanzania has its own currency, but U.S. currency is the one of choice. A first aid kit is a recommended bring along, and make sure it is stocked with medication for treating malaria. Be aware that medical services are far and few between in Tanzania. Bottled water is recommended while in country. Lodging is entirely dependent on how much money you are willing to spend, from the basic camping type experience to deluxe accommodations with swimming pools and gourmet food.

One thing you will not want to forget is a camera. The opportunity to capture some truly memorable moments while on safari is one you won’t want to miss. If you’ve ever wondered, “Where do cheetahs live?” you’ll have your answer live right in front of you, if you are quick; the cheetah can reach over 60 miles per hour in three seconds! There are also gazelles, buffalo, wildebeest, and zebras grazing their way through the grasslands along with a large amount of lion prides in their natural habitat. Be advised that as a traveler one should always stick with a group and not wander off alone in a wild county such as the Serengeti. A wild animal is unpredictable and may attack simply out of fear, so it is best to stick with a group of people.

A good tour guides or travel agent will be able to provide the needed advice and travel arrangements for a memorable experience.