What’s The Best Way To Keep Coffee Fresh?

Coffee is a great way to wake up and for coffee drinkers there is really no alternative out there but most of us aren’t getting the best coffee possible because we aren’t storing it correctly. Whether you operate with just a standard coffee machine, have a French press or a single shot coffee maker, you can still enjoy a better coffee drinking experience by keeping your coffee fresh, whether you’re producing the coffee from freshly ground beans or k cups.

The best way to get the freshest coffee is to grind it up yourself, preferably right before drinking it. Grinding the coffee ensures you that your coffee will always be completely fresh and will retain most of the flavors in the beans. The grounds you have and don’t use should then be stored in an airtight container. Any airtight container that is completely clean and sterile, keeping your coffee completely protected from the environment.

Whether it’s vacuum sealed or just a good air tight container, keeping your coffee fresh, will ensure it tastes delicious, perfection in a cup. Take time to carefully store your coffee beans and left over grounds; you’ll be surprised how freshly ground beans affect the way you wake up in the morning.

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